Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Final Reflection

We have learned many different facts and concepts regarding Distance Education and teaching with many different delivery modes and different types of technology. Out of all of the weeks and concepts that we have learned about, the concept that has really stuck out to me would be the phenomenon of Transactional Distance. I find myself wondering how many of my students although they are in class with during the day, do not understand the many concepts that we review in class and go home at night still not understanding and are unable to contact me to clarify these same concepts. This is in a sense a type of transactional distance, which I inquired about in another conference in my OMDE 601 course with DE specialist, Dr. Otto Peters. I still look at my students with this thought in mind and wonder how or what I can do to shorten the transactional distance with my students, if possible.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reflection on Assigned Readings - Assignment #2

The readings so far in the course have been fairly understandable. I seem to be enjoying the Bates & Poole textbook more than the other readings. It's very informative and direct. The use of the different tables and many examples offered in the text have been helpful in my understanding of the different background information and details about the many distance education technologies that have been invented and utilized throughout the years.

What do you think about the readings so far? Do you find yourself favoring one over another?